Blaze Storm Manual Soft Bullet Gun ZC7112

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  • Have a great shooting dart game With this Blaze Storm Manual Soft Ball Gun.
  • Kids will love to fire soft foam balls and hit an imaginary target.
  • Or you can make a target board yourself And sharpen your shooting skills.
  • This Gun is easy to operate - load the softball or suction darts from the front muzzle, pull the lever at the back, trigger and fire.
  • It is Super Exciting and Super Cool Shooting Fun for the whole family, right in the cosy indoors!! Ideal for kids ages 6+ years.
      • HIGH SPEED FIRE: This blaster lets kids enjoy High Speed fire shooting with 3 foam balls that rain out of a high-capacity magazine at super-fast speed and low impact
      • MANUAL PULL ACTION FIRE: Strong manual pull action mechanism creates high power. Simply pull the lever back, aim the target and fire.
      • EASY RELOAD: This launcher features a hopper-style ammo container that slides open for quick and easy refills
      • LONG DISTANCE SHOOTING: Enjoy fun, competitive rounds of rifling off shots to dominate friends and family with the long distance range
      • BUILT-SAFE: Built-in anti-jamming hatch prevents firing when open, protecting your child's fingers from injury during maintenance. Foam balls are also harmless for children

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