Calligraphy Kit For Artist's, Deal No.102

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Calligraphy Kit For Artist's, Deal No.102

The Calligraphy Kit For Artist's, Deal No.102 includes a variety of colorful inks to improve your artistic expression. This package gives you one of each Calligraphy Inks in the following colors: black, blue, red, white, yellow, and green, providing an extensive palette for any creative effort. Whether you are creating elegant letters or experimenting with complex layouts, these superior inks will improve your work. In addition, you receive four pieces of Fancy Khatati Qalam, making sure you have the right tools to bring your concept to life with precision and flair. With this full set, you can let your ideas loose and experience the art of calligraphy.


  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Black.
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Blue.
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Red.
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink White.
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Yellow.
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Green.
  • 4pcs Fancy Khatati Qalam.

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