Cretacolor Oil Pencil Drawing Set of 6

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Cretacolor Oil Pencil Drawing Set of 6

The Cretacolor Oil Pencil Drawing Set of 6 includes permanent oil-based pencils that are designed specifically for artists' drawing and sketching needs. Creators can experiment with different shades and textures to bring their artwork to life using a palette of colors that includes White Chalk, Sanguine, Sepia light, Sepia dark, Nero soft, and extra soft. Whether sketching delicate details or producing strong strokes, this kit contains the tools required for expressing creativity on paper with accuracy and depth.

  • 6 pencils for artists' needs.

  • Permanent oil-based pencils for versatility.

  • Palette includes white chalk, sanguine, sepia light, sepia dark, nero soft, and extra soft.

  • Ideal for delicate details and strong strokes.

  • Express creativity with accuracy and depth.

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