Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Studio Set Of 24 Brush Tips

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    Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Studio Set Of 24 Brush Tips

    This set provides artists with a diverse tool for creating accurate and expressive drawings. These pens use pigmented India ink to produce bright and long-lasting colors with excellent lightfastness. The flexible brush tip keeps its shape, allowing for easy control and a variety of line widths. They are waterproof and permanent, making them suitable for mixed media and watercolor treatments. Also, their odorless, acid-free, and pH-neutral makeup makes them safe and easy to use. Artists can boldly produce detailed artworks knowing there will be no bleed-through on the paper. This set of 24 pens, presented in a handy studio box, offers a diverse range of choices for artistic efforts.


    • Pigmented India ink
    • High lightfastness
    • Flexible brush tip retains its shape
    • Waterproof, permanent
    • Odorless, acid-free, pH neutral
    • Does not bleed through paper
    • Studio box of 24

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