Fine Arts Accessories Deal No. 6

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Fine Arts Accessories Deal No. 6

The FIne Art Accessories Deal No. 6 comes with two Sponges for blending and shading, one Brush Set for precise strokes by Keep Smiling, a Transparent Brush Holder to keep them organized, and one small Gesso 300ml for priming your canvas. You also get a Set of four foam Brushes for different painting techniques, a Large 10 Pot Color Mixing Plate, and one Brush Damper. Enjoy two Multi Shape Painting Knives for textured effects and one Silver Steel Scraper for precision scraping.


  • 2 pcs Sponge  FA01645
  • 1 piece of Keep Smiling Brush Set Cut (FA01908)   
  • 1 pc Brush Holder Transparent (FA00415)   
  • 1pcs Gesso Small 300ml (FA02528)
  • 4 pcs Brush Set Foam (FA01335)   
  • 1pcs Color Mixing Plate large 10 Pot (FA02535)  
  • 1pcs Brush Damper - Assorted - China (FA00883)    
  • 2 pcs Painting Knife Tools Multi Shapes # J 1pcs (FA00433)    
  • 1 pc Steel Scraper Silver  (FA00003)

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