Gesso Primer For Oil & Acrylic

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Gesso Primer For Oil & Acrylic

Gesso Primer for Oil and Acrylic is a great option for preparing surfaces before painting. This water-based Universal Primer has a bright white opaque finish that is perfect for increasing the brilliance of your artwork. Its absorbent properties guarantee a smooth application, requiring only two thin coats for the best results. For those looking for texture, applying with a palette knife produces interesting results. Notably, Gesso is acid-free, guaranteeing a surface that readily absorbs paint and allows artists to express their creativity with confidence.

  • Water-based Universal Primer: Excellent for surface preparation.
  • Bright white opaque primer with absorbent quality.
  • Apply two thin coats of Gesso for smoothness.
  • Can use palette knife for textured effect.
  • Acid-free Gesso provides absorbent painting surface

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