KCR Carbon Paper 100 Sheets 21cm x 33cm

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KCR Carbon Paper 100 Sheets 21cm x 33cm

Introducing KCR Carbon Paper, your reliable companion for creating duplicates with ease. This pack includes 100 sheets of high-quality carbon paper, each measuring 21cm x 33cm. Whether you're making copies, transferring designs, or creating invoices, KCR Carbon Paper ensures crisp and clear reproductions. Compatible with a variety of surfaces, including paper and cardboard, it offers consistent results without smudging or bleeding. Ideal for office use, crafting, and artistic projects, KCR Carbon Paper streamlines your workflow and enhances productivity. Make duplicates effortlessly with KCR Carbon Paper and streamline your documentation process.

  • KCR Carbon Paper pack includes 100 sheets
  • Each sheet measures 21cm x 33cm
  • Ideal for making copies, transferring designs, and creating invoices
  • Compatible with paper and cardboard surfaces
  • Ensures crisp and clear reproductions without smudging or bleeding


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