Keep Smiling Electric Eraser with 22 Refills

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Keep Smiling Electric Eraser with 22 Refills

This super electric eraser set comes with 22 refills and two eraser holders, providing versatility and convenience. It includes 10 2.3mm eraser refills and 12 5mm eraser refills to meet a variety of erasing demands. The 2.3mm eraser allows for precise work on small parts, while the 5mm eraser is ideal for generating thicker highlights. Its powerful motor allows for pinpoint erasing accuracy. Whether you are an artist working on minute details or a professional who needs exact edits, this electric eraser delivers ideal results. Just put in two AAA batteries and you are good to go.


  • The Super Electric Eraser comes with 22 Refills and 2 Eraser Holders.
  • 10 pieces of 2.3mm eraser refills.
  • 12 pieces of 5mm eraser refills.
  • 2 eraser holders to hold both Sizes.
  • The 2.3mm eraser can be used to create tiny parts.
  • The 5mm eraser can be used to create thicker highlights.
  • Erases with pin-point precision with a powerful motor.
  • An ideal tool for artists, professionals.
  • Note: Requires 2 AAA batteries.


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