Lyra Aqua Brush Dual Tip Markers Set

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Size: 12pcs Set
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Lyra Aqua Brush Dual Tip Markers Set

The Lyra Aqua Brush Dual Tip Markers Set provides versatility and longevity for artistic projects. With two long-lasting tips, these markers reliably produce high-quality results over time. One end has a painting-style tip, while the other allows for precise, thin lines that are great for detailed drawings. Users can experiment with a variety of artistic possibilities similar to watercolors using water-based inks that can be easily combined. Stunning effects can be achieved by applying colors on a glossy surface, such as a plastic sheet or an old CD, followed by water and a paintbrush. This set is available in packs of 12, 24, and 36 colors, catering to a wide range of artistic demands and preferences.

  • Set of double-ended felt-tip pens, for artists, designers, and enthusiasts of all ages.
  • The two tips are very durable and will produce the same high-quality results for a long time.
  • The tip at one end allows you to use a technique similar to painting.
  • The other tip can be used to draw thin, precise lines to create perfect drawings.
  • The water-based inks can be mixed together.
  • They can also be used like water-colors.
  • You just need to apply the colors to a shiny surface such as a plastic sheet or an old CD and mix them with water and paint-brush to create some beautiful effects.
  • Packs of 12, 24, and 36 colors.

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