Lyra Hi Quality Art Pen Tin Box Of 50

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Lyra Hi Quality Art Pen Tin Box Of 50

This Tin Box gives artists a wide range of brilliant colors and excellent performance. These pens have an extremely strong fiber tip that allows for accurate strokes and intricate lines ranging from 0.5mm to 2mm. Their water-based ink is light-resistant, resulting in long-lasting, bright effects. They have vented tops with safety stoppers to provide both safety and convenience. These pens, are packaged in a lovely metal tin and are ideal for artists of all skill levels, whether coloring, drawing, or sketching. With colors ranging from bright yellows and oranges to deep blues and rich browns, this collection offers unlimited creative possibilities.

  • Light Chrome,
  • Orange Lemon,
  • Canary Yellow,
  • Orange Yellow Deep,
  • Light Orange,
  • Vermilion,
  • Scarlet Lake,
  • Dark Carmines,
  • Rose Madder Lake,
  • Pink Madder Lake,
  • Dark Flesh,
  • Light Flesh,
  • Magenta,
  • Blue Violet,
  • Light Violet,
  • Deep Cobalt,
  • Sky Blue,
  • light blue,
  • True Blue (48),
  • True Blue (49),
  • Paris Blue,
  • Prussian Blue,
  • Peacock Blue,
  • Aquamarine,
  • Night Green,
  • Hookers Green,
  • Viridian,
  • True Green,
  • Emerald Green,
  • Juniper Green,
  • Apple Green,
  • Light Green,
  • Dark Sepia,
  • Van Dyck Brown,
  • Brown Ochre,
  • Golden Ochre,
  • Venetian Red,
  • Indian Red,
  • Light Grey,
  • Silver Grey,
  • Medium Grey,
  • Dark Grey,
  • Black, Gold,
  • Silver,
  • Luminous Yellow,
  • Luminous Orange,
  • Luminous Pink,
  • Luminous Green

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