Marabu Silk Mediums 50ml


Material: White Liner 071
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Marabu Silk Mediums 5ml

Marabu Silk Mediums' 50ml water-based silk paint provides a diverse solution for those who enjoy silk painting. These media are suited to a variety of silk qualities as well as thin cotton fabrics, and they produce beautiful, strong colors that attract. Their silky touch and outstanding flow attributes make them a pleasure to work with, allowing artists to create seamlessly and effortlessly. Additionally, its washability and suitability for dry cleaning guarantee the longevity and usability of final products. Marabu Silk Mediums speed up the silk painting process by providing straightforward fixing options using an iron or an oven, helping artists bring their thoughts to life with simplicity and confidence.

  • Water-based silk paint
  • For all techniques of silk painting and for all silk qualities as well as thin cotton fabrics
  • Brilliant, intensive colours
  • Soft to the touch and very good flow properties
  • Washable and suitable for dry cleaning
  • Easy fixing with an iron or in the oven

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