Marabu Silk Paint 50ml


Color: Raspberry Red 005
Sale priceRs.1,695.00

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Marabu Silk Paint 50ml

The 50ml Marabu Silk Paint is an ideal choice for silk painting fans, with brilliant and powerful colors that catch the eye. Its water-based recipe makes it simple to use and clean while providing great flow properties for smooth application on a variety of silk and delicate cotton textiles. Not only does it provide brilliant colors, it also has a delicate texture that offers a comfortable touch on finished products. Also, because it is washable and dry-cleanable, artwork will last longer and be easier to maintain. Whether fixed with a simple iron or in the convenience of an oven, Marabu Silk Paint offers easy fixation, making it a great option for both beginner and professional artists.

  • water-based
  • brilliant, intensive colors
  • soft to the touch and very good flow
  • can be washed and dry-cleaned
  • easy iron fixing or oven fixing

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