Marie's Acrylic Paint Pack of 18

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Marie's Acrylic Paint Pack of 18

Marie's Acrylic Paint Pack of 18 sets a high standard for artistic creativity. Industry experts regard these paints as excellent, having been created by professional engineers with a great awareness of artists' needs while conforming to worldwide standards. These paints are versatile across various mediums such as paper, wood, textiles, cement, and bamboo articles, and boast a wide range of advantages such as bright shades, superior dryness and stability, exceptional air permeability, solid adhesive properties, and remarkable water resistance, making them vital tools for artists seeking to bring their artwork to life.

  • Marie's Acrylic Paint Pack of 18: Sets high standard for creativity.
  • Created by professional engineers with artists' needs in mind.
  • Versatile across mediums: paper, wood, textiles, etc.
  • Bright shades, superior dryness, stability.
  • Exceptional air permeability, solid adhesive properties.
  • Remarkable water resistance.

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