Mont Marte Charcoal Pencils Pack Of 12

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 Mont Marte Charcoal Pencils Pack Of 12

The Mont Marte Charcoal Pencil Pack of 12 is a flexible set suitable for artists of all skill levels. It provides a spectrum of tones ideal for diverse drawing styles, with six soft, four medium, and two hard grades to choose from. Charcoal, famed for its expressive capabilities, comes in the form of a pencil, reducing mess and providing precise control. These pencils are suitable for both rapid sketching and elaborate clarification. Traditional sharpeners may cause chipping, thus knife sharpening is suggested for best results. Their blendable nature allows for seamless shading, and highlights are simple to accomplish with a Mont Marte Kneadable Eraser. Additionally, they sharpen similarly to graphite pencils, providing ease of use and consistent results.

  • Easily smudged and blended. 
  • Highlights can be created with a Mont Marte Kneadable Eraser. 
  • Sharpens like graphite pencils.
  • 6 soft, 4 medium and 2 hard pencil grades
  • Charcoal is an essential drawing medium for artists of all levels. In pencil form, charcoal is less messy and offers greater control.
  • Can be used for quick sketch techniques or to add fine details to drawings

*Please note, charcoal pencils should be knife sharpened for best results. Regular pencil sharpeners can cause them to chip and break.

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