Mont Marte Fabric Paint Set Signature 36pc x 20ml

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Mont Marte Fabric Paint Set Signature 36pc x 20ml

The Mont Marte Signature 36pc x 20ml Fabric Paint Set provides a wide palette for all fabric applications, including DIY fashion and home design. With 36 bright colors, including metallics and fluorescents, creativity is endless. These paints are perfect for creating personalized designs on clothing, canvas shoes, cushions, and upholstery. They are easily mixable, offering an infinite number of color combinations, and their washability ensures durability and longevity. Before washing, a simple ironing process fixes the artwork, making these paints vital for any fabric artist or fan looking to express their style.

  • Suitable for all fabrics: Ideal for DIY fashion and homewares
  • 36 colors included: Mixable for custom shades
  • Washable: Machine washable after ironing to 'fix' artwork
  • Versatile usage: Clothes, shoes, cushions, upholstery

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