Mont Marte Gel Medium Gloss 75ml

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Mont Marte Gel Medium Gloss 75ml

Mont Marte Gel Medium Gloss in a 75ml tube is a useful tool for acrylic painters and mixed media artists. When blended with acrylic paints, this medium improves transparency and gives your artwork a glossy appearance, making it perfect for creating shining effects. Its steady consistency promotes texture retention, and when applied alone, it dries clear to transparent depending on application thickness. When used with acrylics, it improves flow while retaining the paint's consistency. The proposed mix ratio of one part medium to four parts paint provides a starting point for experimentation, allowing artists to personalize the results they want. Drying timeframes may vary based on application quantity and outside circumstances, so it is recommended that you practice with the medium beforehand for the best results in your finished artwork.


  • it retains its viscosity and dries clear to translucent depending on the thickness applied if used alone
  • when mixed with acrylics it increases flow with little or no change to your paint


  • suggested mix ratio is 1 part medium to 4 parts paint - experiment for varying results. Drying times may vary re quantity used and environment. Practice usage before committing to your final artwork.

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