Mont Marte Signature Coloured Charcoal Pencils Pack Of 12

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Mont Marte Signature Coloured Charcoal Pencils Pack Of 12

Mont Marte's Signature Coloured Charcoal Pencil Set of 12 is a flexible and sharp addition to any artist's toolset. With a range of rich colors, these pencils put a fresh spin on classic charcoal sketching, allowing for expressive and dynamic artwork. Whether sketching, shading, or blending, the smooth texture of these pencils allows for easy application on a variety of media, including paper and canvas. Each pencil is made of quality materials, giving you durability and reliable performance. This pack is great for both new and seasoned artists, providing endless possibilities for creative discovery and expression.

  • EXCELLENT SELECTION - A total of 12 charcoal pencils in four different colors. Among them are 2 white charcoal pencils, 2 red-brown charcoal pencils, 2 brown charcoal pencils & 6 black charcoal pencils. Become artistically creative with this handy pencil set!
  • LIMITLESS CREATIVITY - With these MONT MARTE charcoal pencils, you get the perfect basic equipment for drawing portraits, still life, sketches, etc. Draw animals, people, objects &  much more in natural-looking optics with these pencils.
  • GREAT POSSIBILITIES - The color shades can easily be mixed and blurred with each other. In this way, you get a series of new color shades and interesting intermediate shades when painting and sketching different motifs.
  • IMPRESSIVE EFFECTS - With the 2 soft, 2 medium hard & 2 hard pencils in black you get different and very interesting effects when sketching and drawing in coal technique. Just try it out yourself and find a suitable motif for your first attempts at drawing charcoal!
  • SUITABLE FOR EVERYONE - Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned professional, these MONT MARTE charcoal pens are suitable for hobby artists and professionals alike. Sketching and painting with this set is very enjoyable and you will succeed in no time.

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