Mont Marte Signature Metallic Watercolor Paint Set 37 Pcs

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Mont Marte Signature Metallic Watercolor Paint Set 37 Pcs

Experience the brightness of the Mont Marte Signature Metallic Watercolor Paint Set, which includes 36 bright metallic shades and a paintbrush. Whether on white or black paper, this set produces gorgeous results perfect for painting and hand lettering. Its resealable plastic box allows for easy transport and storage, making it an excellent gift choice. With its natural color transitions and wide color palette, artworks come to life with brightness. The paints spread smoothly, allowing for the easy creation of smudge effects. Because of its concentrated pigments, artworks bloom with bright, strong shades that retain their vitality. The set's modular palette design offers versatility and convenience, meeting daily artistic needs.

  • Includes 36 metallic colors and a paint brush
  • Creates stunning results on both white and black paper
  • Perfect for painting and hand lettering
  • Resealable plastic case for easy transport and storage
  • Great gift idea!
  • The transition of bright colors is more natural, the color latitude is high, and it is bright and not gray, making the transition of the picture natural and vivid
  • The mixed color diffuses evenly and naturally, stroke penetrates, and it is easy to draw a moving smudge effect
  • Concentrated pigments can be painted as soon as they are dipped. Wet the paintbrush with water, and lightly apply a swipe to the paint block to draw a picture.
  • Bright colors with high saturation, bright colors without graying, with a variety of color combinations
  • Detachable palette design, with a portable palette, flexible and convenient to fully meet daily needs

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