Mont Marte Signature Sketching Set 13pc

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Mont Marte Signature Sketching Set 13pc

The Mont Marte Signature Sketching Set 13pc offers a complete selection of tools intended for artists seeking versatility and precision in their sketching. With four graphite pencils spanning different grades, painters can easily generate a variety of tones, great for precise details. The kit includes four hard pastels, which are perfect for dynamic and expressive life drawing, whether used with accuracy or broad strokes. A dependable eraser provides clean corrections and highlights, and the sharpener keeps pencils sharp for fine work. The sandpaper block quickly repairs pencil points and sharpens hard pastels, while the blending stump and tortillion allow for perfect blending of both vast areas and fine details. This collection is an essential for artists discovering the complexities of sketching.

  • Versatile sketching set with 13 essential tools

  • Four graphite pencils of varying grades for tonal variety

  • Four hard pastels ideal for dynamic life drawing

  • Dependable eraser for clean corrections and highlights

  • Includes sharpener and sandpaper block for maintaining tools

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