Mont Marte Woodless Watercolour Pencils Premium 24pc

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Mont Marte Woodless Watercolour Pencils Premium 24pc

Discover the bright world of watercolor with the Mont Marte Woodless Watercolour Pencils. These pencils are made with high-quality water-soluble colors, with a 7mm core that allows for rich and expressive strokes. The chip-resistant leads are wrapped in a thin lacquer covering for a long lifespan and easy installation. With 24 hues to choose from, including Cadmium Yellow, Scarlet, Indigo, and Teal, you can easily express your creativity. These pencils are adaptable, allowing for precise lines when used dry or amazing watercolor effects when used with water. Hold the pencil on its side for best coverage and easily sharpen with a normal sharpener or hobby knife. These pencils offer a seamless blend of control and expression, which will improve your artwork.

  • High-quality water soluble pigments
  • 7mm core
  • Chip-resistant leads
  • Thin lacquer coating for easy, mess-free use
  • Colours: White, Cadmium Yellow, Gamboge, Tangerine, Orange, Scarlet, Pink, Hot Pink, Crimson, Lavender, Indigo, Purple, Cobalt, Cerulean, Sky Blue, Chartreuse, Phthalo Green, Turquoise, Teal, Viridian, Ochre, Sienna, Burnt Sienna, Black
  • Hold pencil on its side for excellent coverage
  • Use dry or add water to create beautiful watercolour effects
  • Sharpen using a regular sharpener or hobby knife

    Keep your Premium Woodless Watercolour Pencils sharp with a conventional sharpener or a hobby knife. If you're using a hobby knife, always sharpen away from yourself under adult supervision. For a finer point try using a sandpaper block or fine-grit sandpaper.

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