Professional Artist Calligraphy Deal No. 32

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Professional Artist Calligraphy Deal No. 32

The Professional Artist Calligraphy Deal No.32 gives you one bottle each of: deep black, tranquil blue, bright red, pure white, sunny yellow, and lush green calligraphy ink, allowing you to create amazing works of art in a variety of colors. In addition, you get two excellent Fancy Khatati Qalams, perfect for creating subtle strokes and fine lettering. To bring your works to life, we have included an excellent canvas board spanning 12X12 and 12X18 inches, giving you plenty of room to express your creativity. Whether you are an expert calligrapher or just starting, this is an all in one set which provides many chances to explore and inspire.


  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Black. 
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Blue. 
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Red. 
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink White.
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Yellow.
  • 1pcs Calligraphy Ink Green.
  • 2pcs Fancy Khatati Qalam.
  • 1pcs Canvas Board (12X18) 1X1.5.
  • 1 pcs Canvas Board 1X1' (12x12).

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