Sakura Koi Neon Watercolor Set Of 12


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Sakura Koi Neon Watercolor Set Of 12

This Neon Watercolor Set is a colorful and adaptable watercolor field sketch box perfect for artists on the go. This package contains 12 half-pan watercolors, including 8 fluorescent and 4 shiny shades, providing a broad spectrum of shades to inspire creativity. It comes with a refillable 4ml waterbrush with a medium tip size, perfect for precise application and blending. Additionally, the kit includes a dabbing sponge for easy cleanup. The inside of the hinged lid functions as a palette, allowing painters to effortlessly mix and experiment with colors, making it a simple and portable solution for artists of all skill levels.

  • Watercolor field sketch box set
  • 12 half pan watercolors consisting of 8 fluorescent & 4 metallic colors
  • Includes 1 refillable 4Ml water-brush with a medium tip size
  • Includes 1 dabbing sponge
  • Inside of snaps lid acts as a palette for mixing colors

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