Sensa Sealer Machine

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Size: (8"") #200
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  • Sensa sealing machine 200 work on polyethylene, polypropylene & polyolefin compounds plastic film.
  • It can be easily used to package a variety of candy, food, general merchandise, stationery, and pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Compact, lightweight design.
  • Seals bags made of any thermos sealable material.
  • Ideal for sealing plastics bags, polythene, bubble wrap in household, supermarkets, kitchen or stores, such as cafe shop, candy store, snack booth, medicine shops, small factories etc.
  • Auto LED shut-off indicator light.
  • Adjustable timer creates perfect seals for varying bag thickness.
  • Labor saving design with long handle.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Built-in fuse for safe using.

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