ST Gouache Powder In Fluorescent Colors


Color: Fluorescent Blue
Sale priceRs.350.00

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ST Gouache Powder In Fluorescent Colors

The ST Gouache Powder provides artists with a premium painting experience through its range of high-quality pigments and gums. This product comes in compact 10 gram bottles and is simple to use; simply add water and watch as brilliant new colors develop. These gouache powders are flexible in their application, serving as finger paint or body paint while fulfilling safety standards with non-toxic compositions authorized by CE in Europe and ASTM in the United States. This neon range of gouache powders, which originated in Thailand, is a popular option among artists of all skill levels. Its smooth, opaque finish produces long-lasting effects, whether you are an experienced professional or just starting. ST Gouache Powder in Fluorescent Colors is an essential tool for every artist because of its ability to blend and cover surfaces such as paper, canvas, and cardboard.

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