Superb Board Square Black Canvas Board (all sizes)

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Size: 4''
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Superb Board Square Black Canvas Board (all sizes)

This Square Black Canvas Board is available in a variety of sizes and has great absorbency, which facilitates smooth painting efforts. Its basic readiness eliminates the need for priming, allowing artists to jump right into their creative projects. Crafted from wood and pure linen, this stretched canvas has a rich texture and impressive absorption, making it excellent for watercolor, oil, acrylic, and gouache painting. Each masterpiece begins on this linen-wrapped canvas, with acid-free, midweight qualities allowing a variety of artistic techniques. Protected by its polygon quality, this canvas is made of high-grade wood and pure cotton and is a fantastic choice for aspiring artists, beginners, and seasoned creators alike.

  • High absorbency, makes it convenient to paint.
  • It is ready for you to start creative masterpieces at all times without the primer.                                                         
  • Material: Wood & Pure Linen, 
  • Not easy to leak oil perfect for watercolor oil, acrylic and gouache painting.                                                                                                        
  • Every masterpiece starts with a blank slate, this linen wrapped canvas is the perfect place to start,
  • Acid free, stretch midweight tablecloths have lots of features such as crafts, watercolor, oil painting or show off your excellent artwork.                                              
  • The quality of polygon canvas is guaranteed, high-quality wood and pure cotton making it a great option for budding kid’s artists, beginners and even more experienced artists.

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