Turpentine Oil for Oil Painting

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 Turpentine Oil for Oil Painting

Turpentine oil is a versatile media in oil painting, allowing painters to create thin, quick to dry washes when combined with oil colors. These washes are commonly used in underpaintings, and serve as a basis for later layers, allowing for subtle shading and mixing. Turpentine also works well as a solvent, effectively cleaning brushes between applications. Turpentine's dual role as a painting medium and a cleaning agent makes it a crucial tool for painters looking to produce desired results while maintaining their equipment

  • Turpentine oil: Versatile medium in oil painting.
  • Creates thin, quick-drying washes with oil colors.
  • Used in underpaintings for subtle shading and mixing.
  • Functions as a solvent, effectively cleaning brushes.

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