Wamiq Gutta Water Base Lining Medium

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Wamiq Gutta Water Base Lining Medium

The Wamiq Gutta Water Base Lining Medium is an ideal choice for artists and creatives alike. It is adaptable to a wide range of surfaces, including glass, porcelain, tile, metal, ceramic, and other heat-stable surfaces. The bright colors give your projects a true appearance and guarantee their durability. You can easily adjust the thickness of your lines by changing the distance between the nozzle and its tip. For best results, apply to a clean, dry surface to obtain a beautiful relief line. With a drying and settling duration of 72-96 hours, this medium allows for delicate design and accurate craftsmanship.

  • Can be used on glass, Porcelain, Tile, Metal, Ceramic, and most heat stable surfaces.
  • The colours give a true appearance and are permanent.
  • The more you slice the nozzle further from its tip the thicker the outline will be.
  • Use on clean and dry surface for relief lining.
  • Dries and settles within 72-96 hours

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