Worison Artist Sketching Pencil Pack 24

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Worison Artist Sketching Pencil Pack 24

The Worison Artist Sketching Pencil Pack 24 is a complete set of 24 art color sketching pencils, each with a different grade to meet a variety of artistic needs. With its user-friendly design and dependable performance, producing bright drawings becomes simple. These pencils are made of high-quality materials, and offer long-term durability, providing artists with a reliable instrument for their creative pursuits. The tiny box securely stores all 24 pencils, making it ideal for both storage and traveling. Whether you are a beginner or an expert artist, this pencil pack is a useful and necessary addition to any art supply collection.

  • 24 art color sketching pencils.
  • 24 different grade pencils in one pack.
  • Easy to use & reliable.
  • Easy to make a drawing by using this color pencils.
  • High quality color pencils.
  • Durable 24 pcs in box.

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